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Hi, my name is Betty Lewis, owner of Unwind Today Massage Therapy. I have provided massage service since February 2005, upon graduating from Brian Utting  School of Massage in Seattle. There are two hands for massage: compassion and caring.

How I picture what I do in my massage sessions is like this: when your body is all wound up like a tight package, as a rose bud, then as the bud opens so does your body with my work when you receive a massage from me. 

I feel like my massage is very relaxing to your body and mind as I am not one to chat through out the session. A good massage session should be like dancing gracefully while doing the massage. My work revives me and when I learn something great I study it more intently to integrate it into my work. I do care for the well being of all my clients whether it is chair massage or table. Then you leave my space in a more beautiful state than when you came in.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.



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  206-399-1495 | unwindbl.lmp@gmail.com

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